A collection of activities for kid’s studying about Solar system:

1. Supporting materials:

  • Video:
  • Songs:

2. Presentation:

After going through the materials, I supported the kids with the presentation, starting with mapping their main ideas then create a Power Point file.

There are quite a lot of things to tell about Solar system so basically we separated into periods: before now (creation and development), present (names, members and characters) and future (prediction).

3. Activities:

  • Observing the solar system model

We ordered the following model from Amazon that can shine and move with precise position of each planets in the Solar system from the Sun. However the Planets can neither stimulate the exact moving path (in eclipse with different direction) nor move around themselves (that is impossible to explain about day and night). No moons either.


  • Making your own solar system

There are many ways to make your own solar system with materials like: paper, fabric or clay. Just keep in mind their character like main colors, size and position from the Sun. Some unique points of each planet can be added to the model.

Below are some suggestions for your reference:

  • Practicing with worksheet


  • Extra activities to learn about solar system




With special thanks to Ms. Pham Hong Nhung at Speakup group for searching and sharing as well as many other up-loaders.



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